Vegas endurocross

I'm in Vegas for the sx,but I've talked the girlfriend into attending the endurocross tonight as well. On her birthday even. What a girl! Anyway,I just checked and there seems to be good tickets still available. My question is,does this thing usually sell out? Would I be able to walk up to the box office at 5:00pm and buy a couple of tickets,or should I head over there this morning? I would just buy them online,but I'm leery of of putting my card number out there over the hotels public wifi connection. Any input is appriciated. BTW,I would have posted this in the SW section,but that place is a ghost town.

Most likely you should be good walking up and buying them at the door. Especially if your going at 5. The races don't start till 8.

Just as a heads up there isn't a bad seat in the Orleans arena so I wouldn't worry about buying the cheaper tickets.

Thank for the info. I woulda sprung for the $47 tix for sure.

Is it on tv?

It was a blast! Good racing and good people! I was sitting in a section with some other Washingtonians(small world) and we had a blast! Six pounders in and we were all agreeing that 2ts have a much higher fun factor,and Husqvarna smokers are the best deal on the planet. Got a ton of autographs and free swag as well. If you missed it this year,don't next year. I would go so far as to say next year I'm coming for the EX and also taking in the SX. Best part about it is the smell of burnt premix in the air!

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