WR450 as a runaround?

Good day, I have two questions.

1. For a WR450 2010 model how do I confirm the model by looking at the VIN number? Should the 4th number be a zero?

2. I live on a smallholding and want to use the bike as a runaround. There will be a lot of stopping and starting throughout the day, riding very short distances. On the odd occasion Ill take it for a long enduro ride on the weekend. Will this type of riding damage the bike?


The starting and stopping won't wear the WR out. Extended distances on the highway might tend to shorten the life though. As for the VIN #, I don't know the answer to that. There should be a Model label on the subframe, under the seat though. Hope this helps.


Try to look on google, there are some website which you can type in your VIN #, last time I did successfully find that my WR was manufactured in 07, and for US market eventhough the label under the seat was missing.

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