How do you properly warm up a 2 stroke? how do you guys do it? whats your opinion?

Hey guys this is a topic that has always boggled my mind, how to properly let your 2 stroke warm up. do you just let it idle? do you give little blips with the throttle, or do you rev the piss out of it to clear it out? is it harmful to rev it high while warming up? is it harmful to warm up for too long? i see youtube videos of guys cold starting there bikes and revving the piss out of it just holding it full throttle to warm it up, alot of people have said its good for it some have said its not and some people have even said its bad to let it idle? :banghead: ( i think those people are just plain stupid) but seriously whats the right way to do it? whats good for it and whats bad for it? what should you do and what shouldnt you do? lemme hear what you guys think im really interested!

let it idle for a bit then give it some small blips.

when you feel the exhaust and its warm its warmed up.


and always let it warm up. :banghead:

When the top of the rads get warm it's warm enough to ride

if you are 20 or younger you need to start it and make sure people know its running, just rev her right up, then you gotta do some little catwalks in the lot with no helmet and dust everyone out, im jk of course please just let it idle and blip it if you have fouling issues :banghead:

Whenever I can not leave my hand against the jug over one sec, I go roll half a lap or so. Top-ends will last a long time this way.

i let it idle only until the left radiator is too hot to leave your hand on, then go easy riding it for a minute and that's it.

the piston will expand when it warms up and snug up the tolerance between the piston and jug. if you rap on it too hard too often you take a chance of cold seizing the motor.

i do love seeing idiots just rap the piss out of their bikes immediately upon startup. funny thing is you rarely see them often. wonder why?

Whenever I can not leave my hand against the jug over one sec, I go roll half a lap or so. Top-ends will last a long time this way.

thats pretty close to how i do it, only i run engine ice coolant in my bike so i can actually stop in the middle of a ride and hold my hand on the cylinder it stays that cool, i love it its awesome, but yeah i usually let it idle while i put my gear on and then start giving it blips for about a minute and then just cost around not hitting the band until it fully warms up and clears out. seems to be very easy on the motor, i baby my bike lol Edited by kellett25

Start it with the choke on then turn off choke. Let it idle while you strap on your helmet and gloves. Take it easy for the first 1-2 minutes, then once you clear it out give it hell!

I let mine idle with an occasional throttle blip until the top of the radiators are getting good and warm, then ride semi easily until it carburates cleanly (minute or 2), then go as normal.

Anyone who just rev's the piss out of it is an idiot. The whole point is to get all internals at their operating temp. BEFORE you use all the RPM's.

OR as suggested, do doughnuts in the parking lot to warm it up....JK

FWIW, in moto gp the warm up was in sort of a cyclic fashion. this is the best example I could quickly find.

You are right on point about people who rev the piss out of it on a cold start. They are Fking morons that should not legally be allowed to own any sort of machinery.

The single best thing I can tell you about letting it warm up, is feeling the fat exhaust pipe (expansion chamber) after it's been running for a couple of minutes. My service manual tells me to let my bike run for roughly 3 minutes when doing gear oil changes, so that it is "fully" warmed up. This way the oil pours out much smoother and faster, all in one motion vs. if it was cold.

When it's cold out you need to give it a little longer, and when it's warm out, it won't take quite as long. Very simple. Like I said, best way to physically tell is touching the pipe. Try not to keep the choke on too long, unless it's actually pretty cold out. All the choke really is in an enrichenor circuit, that temporarily makes your pilot jet more rich (more fuel/oil) which is required for the actual starting. Once it has been started, it really is not needed. I leave it on until the bike will idle just fine without it, which is typically immediately for me unless it's really cold, like stated.

I typically will start the bike cold 2nd kick, and I try to let it idle on it's own for at least about 30 seconds, to get the oil fully circulated. After 30 seconds I will begin giving her some little love revs, ya know just little blips of the throttle. Once the pipe is hot after 2-3 minutes she is warm enough now to give her some nice solid revs, and then I will take it down a straight away and take it through the gears to get the gear box nice and warmed up, and after that she's fully ready to go.

I mean what kind of fool revs a motor way up on a cold start anyway?? It's not like letting it idle is going to "flood it out" after a couple of minutes when it IS finally warm, THEN you can hit the over-rev and clean her out, or take it down a straight away like I do. The only difference between us and them, is that we over-rev it when the motor is sufficiently lubricated AND they DON'T.

Also be sure your premix ratio is around 32:1. Mixing too little oil with the gas or having lean jetting is way worse than not warming it up, because then it is not getting near enough oil per revolution ALL THE TIME, which leads to the "Ka-Boom" we all know and love :banghead: Hope this helps you out.

blip it for a bit, don't let it idle, blip it some more, count 2 short minutes in your head, rev the piss out of it and if it stops bogging, give it a lap or two. IT'S NOT A &%$#@!ING WRISTWATCH. (insert hate here)

no one should ever blip the throttle on initial warm up, let it idle, a 2 stroke takes a bit longer to warm up than a 4 stroke does because a 4 stroke has mroe moving parts (camchain, valves etc)

you need to give the cylinder bore time to expand and the rings to expand to the size of the bore, let it warm itself up, give it a blip of the throttle if it hicups its not quite there yet, if response is normal your ready to go. hope this helps

LOL :banghead: oh boy (not you yamahakid)

LET IT IDLE. Blips are more than fine after initial start up, once it's running on it's own without the choke but I mean very small blips. That's why they're called "blips". Real fast and short.

Depends on the tempature outside of course as well. But lets say it's dead summer at 70c.

I start it up and let it idle for 20 seconds or so, just until you can give it a little blip without the bike bogging or working hard. You know what I mean if you have road a 2 stroke and tried to rev it right after starting. Then after that a little blip every 10-15 seconds for about 30-45 seconds. Then put her in 1st and roll around for a while like your about to do something sick, then when she's cleared out you can hit the band.

If it's cold I let it idle for 3-4 minutes with no revving and usually 30 seconds with the choke. It can get damn cold up here in the great white north that sometimes you can't even feel the warming up after 4 minutes of idling.

I choke mine until it will idle without. Then I give it blips until I feel some heat on top of a radiator. I then hit the trail at a light pace for a few. Then I grip and twist.

I like to start it let it run for 30 seconds on the choke. Put your helmet and gloves on then turn turn throttle the tinyest amount possible almost like a high idle for a few seconds at a time. Not revving it just barley chaning the rpm Maby 500rpm till the Radiator is warm. Just cruise it around a bit Maby 3-5 mins before pinning it.

this is how you warm up a 2 stroke :banghead::thumbsup:

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this is how you warm up a 2 stroke :banghead::thumbsup:

Here we see the excelent socal bro technique although he forgot his Srh hat. He was clearing it out really good there with the 5 second wide open revs. Now that's a bike I wanna buy well cared for....LOLOL.

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