Installed a Rekluse EXP 2.0 on 2007 WR450F

I was a bit reluctant to join the auto clutch crowd but finally decided to give it a try. Installed in less than 30 minutes working very slow to make sure I was doing it 100% correctly (doing the final adjustment seems conter intuitive) but after doing my first ride (100 miles) I must say I understand whay so many people rave about it. The clutch still works like a noraml clutch (just with a firmer pull) and once i got used to not using it I rode so much smoother. No stalling in tight section and on tough hill climbs. I only noticed the free wheeling once on a down hill. It seemed like I was riding a 2 stroke at that point. So far I love the clutch. I have nerve damage in my left hand so this makes riding much easier. I highly reccomend it at this point.

I tell everyone that basically, it's legalized cheating!!! It's not going to turn someone like me into a Champion, but damn, I can at least keep up with there dust cloud now!!!


I did some trail riding and single track this weekend and love the Rekluse even more. One thing had had not thought of but when you fall the bike keeps running so pick it up and go. Happy camper so far!! :banghead:

I have the z-start pro, and yeah. It's pretty phenomenal.

Yes to me it makes riding more fun and relaxing. Now if I were a top talent racer maybe I would not feel the same way but for a casual trail ride on tough terrain I love. it.

I had one my 08 klx450r and loved it. When I would switch to other bikes I would forget I didn't have it and stall a few times till I remember to clutch :thumbsup: . Haven't put one on the wr yet. :banghead:

I'm thinking about installing a rekluse clutch on my 2008 Wr450 but not too sure which version?? What are the thoughts on the LH brake lever too??

I have ridden a bike with the LH brake lever setup and loved it once I got used to it. I do not have it on mine as of now but may put it on once i find some more $$$ to spend on the bike. So far I have nothing but great thoughts about the EXP 2.0. No regrets and the price is right. I am just a casual trail rider and love tight trails more than wide open areas so your feelings may be different. In the tight stuff and in technical climbs it is tough to beat.

I don't have the Rekluse, I put a Dynaring on my 05 WR450 2 yrs ago. I have heard they are no longer in business, and would go with the 2.0 should this unit go south.

The one thing I don't care for with the autoclutch is that you, I believe have to ride one gear lower and rev the engine a bit higher to insure engagement. I prefer to upshift and let momentum and torque do the work for me. Less wheel spin and more hookup, if you will. But it does almost eliminate stalling and makes life easier on the electric start and if need be the right leg.

It is funny that you say one gear lower as for me I ride usually one gear higher than I normally would in most areas. I have instant engagement right off idel. I supose it depends on how you set it up. I set it up to the mid engagement point (based on springs used) which is the standard setup the Rekluse recommends per the instructions.

Z start pro and LHRB. its freakin amazing. I geared really tall works nice

With the auto clutch, I geared it back to stock ratio. While without I had put a 13t front sprocket to help in the slow stuff. Still used 2nd gear primarily even with the 13t but was nice to have a gear to chug along with at times.

With the auto clutch, not needed. So back to stock. Still primarily in 2nd gear, but 1st is pretty usable in the really tight stuff.

Z-start pro, love if.

No Rekluse for the 2005 model........

I'm looking in the Rekluse catalog right now, and they've got them listed for '03 to '06 - RMS872

And I've got one on my '06 WR450


Has anyone used the springs that come with the kit other than what Rekluse suggests? I just went with what they suggest and am very pleased but curious as to what the other springs would do. The pull of the clutch is harder now but since you hardly ever use the clutch who cares?

Do they make a Rekluse for a 2005 Yamaha WR450? I've been looking and no luck so far:(

Yes, they make them for the '05. As I've said, '03 to '06 WR450 takes the Rekluse model #-RMS872



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