I want more power

Hi I'm Tyler and I am 5"11 150 lbs. I personally own a yz250f completely stock and I am craving more power. I have been riding dirt bikes for 4 years and I would say I'm pretty good. I love yamaha but their 250f just seems to have no top end which is where I am riding it. I mainly ride open trails, and big open hill climbs. I have ridden my friends crf450r 06 and its a blast. The power lifts the front wheel in any gear, I love it. The only problem is that he tells me that after a while the power can get annoying and tiring. The handling of the yz450 is my biggest worry. I know they are 245 lbs and it seems intimidating. The yz250 2 stroke I've heard is also a blast along with light and quick handling. But I don't want to get the 2t and end up wanting the 450s power. I have never ridden a big bore 2t so I'm not sure how the power is on these new 2 strokes so please pitch in some advise if you have experience. I have already posted a couple of these but I'm not getting the answers I'm looking for. So please give as much info as you can. Thanks.

Get a 300 2 stroke and you should have all the power that you can need or handle.

My other buddy has ktm300 xcw and It has a lot of power but it's just heavy and I have definitely more fun on the motocross bikes so Im gonna stick with that category

So, get a 300 2 stroke without all of the additional "enduro" weight. KTM has electric start plus all the accessories needed to power it plus a giant gas tank. Get a bike without all of that. You can also get a 300 SX kit for the 250 SX from the KTM power parts catalog. The Husqvarna WR 250/300 is the same basic bike as their CR. The only difference is the ignition and a little heavier fly wheel. Although, from most of the ride reports I have seen, bike still runs like a monster. Suspension is a little on the plush side as it is set up for off road riding. But, the newer Huskys come with the KYB suspension, so any decent suspension guy can get you squared away. There are a lot of options out there.

YZ250's are sweet bikes! I got my suspension and handling dialed in and the thing has all the power in the world. If your ever craving more power from it, you can mod it so much that it will be just as fast if not even faster than a stock 450.

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