Scott's Staabilizer Question

I am going to purchase a steering damper from Scott's with the triple clamp, bars, etc... I was told that using the regular bolt on mount makes accessing the oil fill a [@#$%&!] and it all ahs to come off to do routine oil this true? does anybody have any pics of there stabilizer installed on their 650? Any problems? The guy over the phone was persuading me to go with the front mount on the fender but I would rather not becuase it is too hard to adjust on the go...this is an 02 XR650R

I have one, Renthal CR High bend handle bars, stocke triple clamps. Might take an extra ten minutes to remove the damper and tower when changing the oil so for me not an issue. Baja Designs make a oil sight tube kit to monitor the oil level with out removing the damper but I`ve never felt a need for it.

you can get the billet machined foreward mounted pin, the stabilizer still stays in the same position, but the arm faces foreward. It's a popular set-up for the BRP...I have photos, if you want, I'll e-mail them to you.


the forward mount is the way to go. i was running the oil fill mount for awhile and found that the bolt that holds it on wouldn't hold and began to slip. i would lose a little bit of oil out of the oil fill as a result. plus it makes changing oil a pain in the ass.

the forward mount is very sano. it allows you to run the oem dipstick and it also cleans up that area which can get crowded if you are running a desert tank. infact the oil mount started to wear a little divit in my tank before i swapped it for a forward mount.

the forward mount is a lot more bullet proof then the oil mount.

Kritter, I have the oil mount on my 650 and have been thinking of going with the fwd mount too. I think that it will make oil chages a lot quicker, especially in the desert! I share the damper with my KTM (ya I know) so I didn't want to have to get another I went with the oil mount. If that was not an issue I would def. suggest the fwd mount as the other guys recomended. LMK about those lights! Those look sweet!

Here's some photos of the Scotts forward mount system from the Scotts web site. I also run the forward mount and like it. I've heard the Scotts damper will also mount on GPR's new forward mount top clamp setup, but make sure to conform that with someone else. The new GPR V2 is also a nice product worth considering and RTT also make an interesting stabilizer product, but I'm quite happy with my Scotts.

After spending all the money to get the best, I went cheap and didn't get the forward mount. I will! Just have to get around to it. I got an oil sight tube so, I wouldn't have to take it all apart to check the oil before each ride. So, something good came from the oil fill post setup.

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