ignition problem?

Anyone had any trouble with their 426 slipping in and out of gear ? Mine only does this in fourth gear.

Sounds like it could lead to something serious if you don't check it out quickly. I'd at least get it checked out before you ride it again. It would be aweful to break some gear dogs off only to have them jam in some other part (possibly on the face of a jump :) ) when the original problem was a much less expensive part.

This may sound stupid but I had the same problem along with an occasional missed shift or false neutral. My shift lever was loose on the shaft and had alot of play in it. Tightened it up and no problems since. Hope your fix can be this simple!

Just read the title, how is this an ignition problem????


'00 YZ426F



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My dealer rode the bike and he said it was cdi. Itook the cdi off of a frinds 426 and it did the same thing.So the say it is something else with the ign,but not the trans.

The dealer says that it is slipping out of gear because of something in the ignition system????? Wow.. I'm speechless. It's it really slipping out of gear or is the engine cutting in and out? You say it only does it in 4th gear so I'm assuming that it's slipping out of gear.

Just for kicks, did you ask the dealer why it is that they think the ignition is causing it to slip out of gear?

i have a 99400 that slips out of 3rd gear i had the trany looked at when i did a top end and they said it looked perfect .it feels like you pulled the clutch in and the let it back out but my hand is not even on the clucth. it only does it once and a while (once in 7 or 8 rides) i guess i will know what it is as soon as something blows up the bike has done this for a year and a half

I did ask why he assumed it was the ign. He says its because the cdi unit has pre-set curves for each gear. But,like i said i changed the cdi but thats not the problem.

Yzf, thats my problem also it feels like slippin the clutch,but i never touch it. Only difference is mine does this all the time.

Is there a clunk as it catches again, or does it just feel like it's loosing power momentairily? If it's just loosing power but there is no clunk from the gears with a corresponding change in RPM for the engine then maybe the dealer has something.

No noise,Shifts smooth in all gears.

YZ426MX; I don't know why your dealer told you that each gear has it's own mAP within the ignition system. The 426 uses only information from the TPS and RPM's from the pickup coil. Perhaps the street bikes have this additional input? This information is on page 6-2 and 6-3 of the '00 model service manual. Hopes this helps.

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