Fabricated a Front Caliper Guard after loosing a day of riding due to a rock

If you look on your Yamaha's front fork from a rocks perspective, you'll see that the lowest point is the brake pad mounting tab of the front caliper. As my luck would have it, I just happened to find out the hard way!!! The impact with the rock, sent the energy up into the mounting plate that the caliper attaches too, causing it to brake right at the drilled and tapped mounting location, as this is rather thin in this location and couldn't take that amount of energy.

So since I already had a Rooster performance disc guard up front, I did a little bit of fabricating, and incorporated a stainless steel "skid plate" into the disc guard to help protect the vulnerable caliper from ruining anymore of my rides. I welded this to the existing disc guard, so that any impacts to the "skid plate" will transfer energy up into the base of the fork or into the front axle, and not into the weak mounting point of the caliper. I also drilled a small hole into the "skid plate" so that I would have access to the compression adjuster on my '06 WR front forks, without having to remove the front wheel.

Hopefully, no one else will experience riding in rocky terrain without a front brake, due to an untimely rock hit like me!!! Maniac

Feb 5th,2011 007.JPG

Feb 5th,2011 005.JPG

WR450 001.JPG

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Good idea, I will have to keep that in mind as one of my future mods. It would not have stopped (only way to ruin a ride) me from my ride however it would have slowed me down not having a front brake. Rather ironic how reduced braking power will slow you down. :banghead:

Your right! That is ironic!!! If your not carrying zip-ties with you, it will definately ruin your days ride. You can't hold onto the brake caliper with one hand to keep it from going into the wheel, and ride with the other still on the throttle. Or at least, I can't!!!


Can you give me the link where I can find that disc guard for my '07? Been looking the disc guard for my lovely WR for quite a while, the only one I found is Leo Vince but the carbon fiber looks so fragile!

Sadly, I can't! They no longer make the disc guard, or any parts for bikes anymore. I just happened to have one from years ago. It's a damn good, quality unit too!!! I certainly wouldn't use a carbon fiber disc guard either.


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