Basic Questions? Self destruct?

Got to talking to a rocket science buddy, no I'm not joking a real rocket scientist and he was telling me the difference between zinc anti seeze (it's for parts that don't get disassembled often) and copper anti seeze it's for stuff that comes apart more often. Never knew... Now another potion to add to my chem shelf!

I never knew that. I always liked the silver coloring (zinc?) it makes me look less like a slob cause it blends in w/ the metal and tends to be less expensive. Besides once I fix it I never know how long it will be till I take it apart again (1hr to never on average) :banghead: lol

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I put anti-seize on the shaft of any bolt that sees water (never on the threads :thumbsup: ) and I only use loctite on the sproket bolts. I monkey with my bikes a lot and am anal about checking fasteners prior to riding. I used to race kx500's and they vibrate more than any bike so I had to learn. It stuck with me. :banghead:

Hmph!!! What the heck does he know?! He's probably not even a dirtbiker!!!! (thanks for the info!) Maniac

Well he is a mountain biker if that helps.. I have always mixed grease and anti-seeze for my axels trying to make tire changes less painful..

Also reminds me of good times buying multiple tubes of K-Y jelly with other dudes in small town drug stores for changing bib mooses and ISDE qualifers back in the day, I'm sure some of the clerks still go to counceling...

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