Bad clutch basket gear?

Well it seems that the gear on the back of my clutch basket on my 03 cr250 has alot of play, how much is normal and do they go bad? Mine just seems on the excessive side, should I replace it? Everything feels fine in the clutch, no complaints there but I remember it being a bit sloppy and now that I've got it taken apart Im second guessing the thing. Maybe theres a way to tighten it up?

Anyone have any experience with this? Looking to put it back together but would hate for the thing to explode on me lol.

im assuming you meen the whole basket and gear wobble alittle on the tranny shaft ? they do wobble alittle and thats normal because theres about .00015- .002 of play. in the honda manual theres a spec for the OD of the trans shaft and a ID spec for that bushing. i didnt see any spec for the ID of the clutch basket gear but maybe i missed it. you could check them with a caliper but i wouldnt worry much. that shit is hardened steel and goes 15 years with almost no measurable wear.

Sounds like the cush rubbers are junk

Thanks for reassuring me lol. This one just seems more to me but Im gonna roll with it, its been good to me so far and the clutch works well in my bike.

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