Trail Gearing for 06 YZ450F

I going to be buying my friend's 06 450 off of him and I would like to convert it from motocross to trail use. My question is among the several other things I should possibly get for it, how low should I go with the gearing for the trails? They are mostly atv trails, nothing super tight and technical but alot are too technical for the stock gearing

Install a Rekluse Pro with stock gearing and it will be perfect.

The problem is that if you lower the gearing 15%, you'll cut your comfortable 5th gear cruise speed by that amount, say from 50 to 42mph, or, OTOH, raise the RPM at your comfortable cruising speed from say, 6000 to 7300. Meanwhile, your low gear speed at 2000 RPM will only change from 15 mph to 13, so you won't really do yourself very much good.

On top of that, lowering the overall gearing makes the gaps between gears shorter and will require you to shift more often, and it will make the bike jerky and less controllable in first gear.

Either get better with the clutch, or buy yourself a Rekluse EXP.

I'm running 12/49 on mine right now with the GYT-R heavy flywheel weight. It seems to work pretty well, for running tighter woods a wide ratio tranny sure would be the ticket. 2nd is too wound out, 3rd lugs a bit too much.

I have an 06, it had 13/47 gearing with a weighted flywheel. It was great in the sand and desert but for the tight and steep stuff it was killing me. I went with a 52 in the rear which for me was the ticket in the hills. I don't use 1st unless I am really going slow, the ability to put put is there when I need it. I lost about 10 miles an hour on my top speed, which for the majority of the riding I do has not been an issue. Like Grey said I have to shift more, but I don't have to start it as much from stalling :banghead:

my 06 was setup for hare scrambles by the previous owner, he had a 12/51, great setup for woods but 1st gear almost unusable, not top end what so ever

I run 13/49 and i really like the gearing for the woods but thats just me. And BTW i got a 09 yz450f

I totally agree with Gray's post above, gearing down has too many adverse effects IMO. Stick with the stock gearing for awhile and see how it works before automatically gearing down.

I totally agree with Gray's post above, gearing down has too many adverse effects IMO. Stick with the stock gearing for awhile and see how it works before automatically gearing down.

Maybe it's just me and my (lack of) riding ability, but I found the stock gearing on this bike too tall for trail riding. I had my old 426 at 13/52 and loved it. When I had the stock gearing I was constantly stalling and if I was lugging it a little too hard it would flame out on me. Seems better with the lower gearing but my skill level is in the gutter due to lack of seat time these days.

When I had my '03, the stock gearing was 14/48 (the '03 has lower primary gearing than the '05 and later models, so it's roughly the same as 13/48 on a newer one). I found that too low to be practical for desert riding, so I changed it to 15/49 (like going to a 14/46). I ran that gearing everywhere most of the time with a normal manual clutch. Occasionally, I would change it back to 14/49 for the summer to ride tracks and mountain trails, and yes, it was a little better on the trails than with the higher gearing, but not really that much. Mostly it made second more usable in the low/mid speed switchbacks. I can't see riding one geared as low as what you guys are talking about and liking it very much.

The real cure for your low speed stalling/technical trail issue is a Rekluse auto clutch. It's an expensive solution, but very effective. Otherwise, learn to work that lever.

Thanks for all the info guys. I am pretty good with the clutch, I just don't really want to have to constantly pull the lever in to keep it from stalling, because as everyone knows, the more you use the clutch the hotter it gets. Which is why it would probably make sense to get a rekluse but I'm not at that point yet. And I talked to my buddy selling the bike and he currently has it set up as 13/52

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