05 wr450 Starter Question... grinding noise...

I am having a problem with my starter. I redid the top end, got it together and hit the starter button. All of a sudden, I hear this horrible grinding noise. bike would not start and starter did not spin the engine at all.

So... I remove the torque limiter and use the kick starter. The bike starts on the second kick (yah!)

The torque limiter should sit between the starter and the starter clutch gear, right?

It seems that the teeth on the starter gear is not really sitting on the gear on the torque limiter... If that makes any sense. Its not making good contact and now it just spins the torque limiter and not the gear needed to start the motor. Is it possible that this could be out of alignment?

I did have the ignition cover off and it definitely is sitting flush against case. Not sure why its off. any idea?

Torque Limiter is #4 below.


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Here's a couple points to check;

-make sure you've got the flat washers on either side of the torque limiter (#4).

-while you've got the torque limiter removed for the inspection, see if the other gears (#8 & 15) going towards the crank spin freely one direction and lock in the other direction.

-Also make sure the side case around the starter is fully seated.

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I did pull that cover off. Maybe is just not seated on there correctly. I can't see any problem visually. maybe I'll just loosen and re-tighten the ignition cover again.

I'm having the same exact problem right now since I just had to do a stator mod for my baja designs kit

Did you find a fix? I've tried tightening and loosening the bolt underneath the torque limiter and its either fully locked or not touching right.

Yes... I fixed it. The part of the cover that fits over the starter was not seated properly. First, I put the bolts in and torqued them to spec. I did not have the torque limiter in at this point.

Then, with a hammer, I gently tapped the part of the cover the is pressed onto the starter. This seated it properly and now it works just great.

It is possible that the bolts could all be in and the ignition cover is not properly aligned over the starter. Just a few gentle love taps is all it needs.

Glad to hear you got it figured out, and without spending even more money!! A win-win!!!


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