Took my WR 426 through water crossing and now it is running very rough...

Before my ride, I was having some low spark issues. I cut back the coil wire and reattached and it seemed to fix the problem. During my ride, I went through a couple of water crossings faster than I should have. My bike starting running rough almost instantly. It would start just fine and idle but as soon as I gave it some throttle, it snapped and popped. I let it sit to dry out and ordered a new plug cap. The bike is running better but still popping (similar to backfire). I suspect I may need a new coil. Anyone have any other thoughts? I assume it is electrical. I have only has the bike a few months so I am still learning. Thanks!

Check/clean both the carb and air-filter. Its possible some water/debris is in one of the jets. I would also check to make sure your airbox drain isn't plugged up with any gunk since you definitely want any water to be able to drain out.

If you had to start the bike with the lower end under water definitely change your oil. It is possible to suck water into the crankcase breather hose when starting. I had an hourglassed oil filter, filled with dirt and small debris from sucking in some swamp water after stalling and restarting. The oil was milky as well but luckily it never caused a long term problem with the engine.

As far as cutting out when wet, also check your kill switch and wiring to make sure its not grounding against the bars, frame or any other metal the wiring could come in contact with.

Empty the float bowl and the air box and re-route the upper carb vent hoses along with the engine vent hose to the top of the air box to avoid future problems.

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