Finally got out trail riding, and......

TL;DR: Had to push my bike for 3km, the rescue truck got stuck on its way to rescue me.

I finally got out trail riding with a buddy this weekend. It was my first time out and was having a blast. We were generally sticking pretty close to where the truck was parked cause my buddy didn't know the area that well. Everything was going fine then my biked stalled for no reason. I thought i just screwed up the clutch or something, it was in a mud bog. Then a bit further on, it stalled again and this time i was under throttle going up a small hill. So I got it going again and got to a nice area to take a break and it stalled right as we pulled up. So I started checking things out, like gas, any loose wires. So I check my oil level and its barely registering on the dip stick, so I'm all &%$#@!. After investigating a bit more, I lost the front oil plug? The thing came right out somewhere. No idea how long I was riding like that. So I didn't start the bike again after that. So my buddy went to go get his truck, but we knew I'd still have to push to an area where he could get it to. So I had to push my bike about 3km through mud and shit and my heart broke when I rounded a corner and could look about another 2km down the valley and what do i see. I can barely make out my buddies truck at a 45 degree angle in slop. He has a big ass dodge ram with 38" on it and the front bumper was under the mud. So I continued to push my bike through a couple more rough areas, up some small hills... when i got over the next rise I could see other trucks down there and could here the motors. So I kept on pushing. As I was coming up to a really swampy area followed by a hill I heard the heavenly bliss of a diesel chewing its way through the trail. We that dodge crested the hill I damn near cried. Then my buddy yells to me, I ain't going through that shit. FUUUUUUUU so i kept on pushing, but he helped me push it through he bog. Then for the last little muddy hill I said &%$#@! it, fired up the bike and very quickly got it to the top to meet the truck. It was a terrible experience and all I can think is, I had a great time considering and i'll be bringing a tow cable next time.

I hope i didn't do any damage to the motor. I'll be pulling off the filter and other plug and see whats been caught. Any suggestions for giving my bike some tender loving care before taken it out again if it looks, feels and sounds fine?

And tow ropes. Do you guys carry cables or rope. And how long and what kind of hardware do you have attached. I'm getting tug straps this week. One dude said he carries cable and has a combination lock with him. So if things get really bad, he'll take down a bank out of sight and lock it to a tree and figure out how to get it out when he knows he's survived himself.


Safe riding!

EDIT; I'm also ordering new oil plugs and i'm drilling the head and putting some wire through them. Any other bolts or caps or anything I should wire while I'm at it. And any other precautions I should take to ensure this stupid doesn't hopefully happen again. Even though, shit still happens!

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Sorry to hear that! When I go riding, I like the exercise, but not like that!!! Lets hope you didn't damage the engine any, but I fear you did. From the sounds of it, that's why it stopped running, from the lack of oil. Let us know what you find.


Very bad... You might be tearing into the bottom end real soon. Check everything out real good before you ride it

Oh, and I carry 20ft of rope behind my headlight

That's really a bad experience!

We always carry rope. These are several situations when rope is used:



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That's really a bad experience!

We always carry rope. These are several situations when rope is used:



I love these pics. But I feel bad for your friends.

Great pictures!!!

What kind of Honda is that Coacoa?

I would say a 96 CR250 but the side number plate Looks different

You guys are pretty hardcore

It was an CR250 of a friend of mine but I don't know which year it is. The picture was few years ago.

Dirtbike is not popular in here and we are some of the beginner, still far away from hard core. :-)

Tow ropes are very handy And useful I thought they were stupid till we needed one last weekend. My stepdad clipped a tree and. Broke the water pump cover off so my stepbrother had to tow him out the woods with his Vinson 500 :banghead:

Dang! Sorry to hear that :thumbsup: I hope everything is ok.

I had a stator crap the bed at the end of Five Miles of Hell in Utah. It was the worst experience ever. Me and a friend towed the bike 11miles through $t just to get back to camp :banghead:

Mule tape is your best friend if you ever need to drag a bike out. you can re-tie it if it breaks, you can braid if for more strength... and it doesn't take up much room in your pack.

I know it doesn't mean much now but keep in mind you have spare drain plug bolts attached all over your bike. A seat bolt would have worked out for you then you could have had your friend go and fetch a quart or two of oil. Beats the hell out of pushing anyway.


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