spartk arrestor?

First a stupid question. How do I now if my muffler has a spark arrestor? Secondly, I don't believe it does so I'll need to buy one to compete in our local hare scrables series. Does anyone have one for sale that I could get immediately. Or can someone recommend a new one. I'm using an FMF Power Core IV and am very happy with it. I was thinking of and E Series, or a Power Core w/ spark arrestor but I am open to suggestions. Thanx!


you can buy just a spark arrestor end cap from FMF for $30 . If your end cap doesn't have a screen in it then it isn't a S/A.

You can fit a spark screen in a 400/426 silencer. I've done it.

If you're interested in help let me know.

Mr T

You can tell by the fact there is a screen at the end. I have the FMF power core IV /w spark arrestor. I like it.

Just one thing, don't get it from Chapparal online. I did. and it didn't come with a spark arrestor when that is what the description says, Then they argued with me. I knew i was right, I called FMF directly and they agreed with me. So I called back with some fuel. They still were being STUPID. I even made them give me back my shipping fees, which was like pulling teeth, it was only like $5, but it became the principal.

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