Just can't seem to sort it out. ( rebound and compression)

I've been going over the forums for several hours. I see several mentions of the rebound and compression adjustments on the forks. I also see several notations on the high speed and low speed compression on the shock as well as the rebound. I know I had these on my YZ but that bike was set up for a rider of my size and I never touched them. I would like the WR to handle a little more like the YZ. my two primary feeling are that the rear tirewill "bounce" over a log when the YZ seemed to soak it up and it seems to me that when that happens the forks let the bike dive. on the forks I counted 20 clicks on compression and rebound both are set at 10 clicks. the rear I have not touched with the exception of setting the race sag which came in almost perfect as everyone described it. I don't do big jumps but logs, stumps and waterbars are everywhere.

Thanks for your input.

If your suspension hasn't been freshened up in the last year, then you'll probably need to do that first, before you'll get anywhere turning the clickers. The WR's are notoriously soft stock, which also makes them Harsh!!! If you spend the time & money to get them re-valved for the type of riding that you do, then you will be able to fine tune the ride with the clickers. I'm sure you've removed all of the linkages and greased everything, right? Including the swingarm pivot, right? This will go a long way towards making the suspension work properly.


I havent lubed the backend yet That is in the way for next weekend. As a matter of fact when I redid the front I moved the clickers only to see where they were positioned and found both sets to be centered in the range. I put them back where they were. I just don't know how to effectively adjust the rebound and compression which way to turn them seeing how one can effect the other per post on here it seems that what it is set to would not be a common setting.

Without reworking the fork and shock internally, I doubt you will ever be really satisfied with it. If you want to spend some on the bike and really do something that makes a difference, consider the Phase 4 kit from SMART Performance. I've installed 4 or 5 of them, and every one of those people were very pleased with the results.

The stock shock is soft overall, but its real fault is a lack of adequate initial rebound response. You can crank down on the clickers to get more, but that usually throws the rest of the damping curve off and the rear will pack down. The fork is just laughable how it's set up internally, and the Phase 4 completely reconfigures the base valve into something different from both the original or the older YZ configuration from the '04 and earlier models.

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