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Yesterday (Saturday) GA426Owner went to Copperhead MX to race. This was his first chance to ride his bike since I revalved the forks. He came by Friday night and I asked him to call me when he got home yesterday to let me know how the forks worked. I didn't hear from him so I called him about 8:30 or so. No answer on his home phone so I called his cellphone. His sister answered. Very poor connection- I could only hear some of what she was saying. Something about him not even making it through practice. First thing I think of is a big crash. Then she said something about his heart. Then we lost the connection. UGH!!!!

I called today around noon and he is in the intensive care unit. The rooms don't have phones but the waiting room down the hall does. I called and his dad answered the phone. Apparently, during practice he started having chest pains. Eric (guy who was there with Dave) sees him on the side of the track and asks if he was okay. Dave said no and they went to the ambulance. After a short check over, they rushed him to the local hospital. His dad said they helicoptered him to an Atlanta hospital where they are much better equipped.

I'm still a bit unclear of all the facts but I think Dave had a major artery blockage and had an angioplasty(?) performed. He may get moved out of the ICU tomorrow and will probably be there for about a week. Hopefully, he dodged a bullet.

I hope I'm not outof line posting this info without his permission but I know he has a lot of acquaintences here who would like to know. I'll post an update as soon as I get some better info.


MX Tuner


Thanks for the info.

My thoughts and prayers will be with Bill in his recovery.



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I wish he and his family all the best. Some of my relatives have had that procedure done and in their case it went fine, hopefully the same will happen with GA426Owner. Maybe he'll log in and let us know how he's doing when he gets some strength back. If we can pull anything good out of this I suppose that it will be that this happend when he was around friends and so close to help. :)

He's a good guy. My hopes and prayers are with him and his family.

Same thing happened to my friends Dad. After a week in the hospital, we decided to drop in and raise his spirits. We snuck into the supply room, and dressed up in hospital 'greens' masks, gloves, and then stole some clipboards. We looked pretty authentic Doctors (except for the guitars, and wigs).

We showed up in his room, and then proceeded to go through a whole Monty Python routine that we did in school together. The whole room enjoyed the show. (I think sick people will laugh at pretty much anything).

Hospitals are boring. If you've ever spent anytime in one, you'll know what I mean.




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I would love to send a card, anyway to get an address?

Tell him to get well soon!

Thinking about it. If it was going to happen, he pick the best place for it. Having emergency personel right there can make all the difference.



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Good luck to GA426Owner and a speedy recovery. You will be in our prayers.

Everyone, thanks for your support! I am home tonight. I thought I was dying at times, but God was not ready for my kind to join his party yet! My luck has been down this summer with a divorce & heart attack, but I am alive and a survivor. My ordeal is so small to yesterdays 911 day for this country. I truley hope that if any good can come out of yesterdays deal is a rejuvenation of US spirit & togetherness! My life is forever changed & I will be a better person for it. I can still do the things that I enjoy most SEX & Motocycling, although not necessarilly in that order. Thanks for all of your thoughts & support. Mark/MXTuner -- you are truley a great friend, thanks.

You made me smile. I needed that.

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