98/99 wr or modified 2000 YZ

Hey guys, a friend of mine is buying his first bike (used) and wanted some input.

First off keep in mind this is for tight riding (2nd and 3rd gear).

Do you buy a stock WR or a modified YZ?

The YZ would have a flywheel weight, revalved susp., and different gearing.

get the wr as he's a novice. he won't regret it. at the end of the day what the hell does he know!

it's got two wheels, gears & it goes.

696, are you trying to earn the record for basic questions?

remember it's a thin line between being challenged mentally & being mentally ...


[This message has been edited by Taffy (edited 04-20-2001).]

I agree with Taffy. Go with the Wr. And so far 696, you have asked alot of basic questions. Not that its a bad thing..But it is interesting. :)

Ride hard.. Be Safe.


That wasn't 696, my access was screwed and had to use his. I have a YZ set up as described and the bike is fantastic. But I haven't had any time on the WR. I really wanted input from someone who has ridden both. The woods around here don't really open up a lot, so the close ratio tranny is nice. The bike is for a brother-in-law. We are going to look at two bikes a WR and YZ. One is coming home.

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