Do any other manufactor's wheels fit the WR?

I have a 99 WR400. I am hoping to get a sumo set up for it. Was wondering if any other bike manufactures wheels fit our bikes? Just curious as I am going to buy used was wondering if I might be able to expand my search options on what would fit.


Excellent question! Have you posted this over in the SuperMoto section? You might be able to get more info from those guys. Did you try a search as well?


I had not asked over on supermotojunkie, but I just did. I was going to there but thought more people might know over here. I have searched a fair amount on WR wheels and have not found anything. But more of my focus was on what WR years will fit on what. I'll keep diggin, and if anyone post stuff on SMJ i'll carry it over to here as well.

I think its possible that the yamaha front and the kawasaki fronts are the same. At least it is on the later models. I heard this directly from a guy who used to trade tires with his brother. He was on a yz250 and his brother was on a kx450

I have not tried this personally

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