Clutch Replacement

I was checking out my clutch yesterday to see if there was any problems, and I found the big nut holding on the clutch loose, and a big chunk gone out of the inner basket. The steel plates were discolored like they have been very hot, but look ok and are not warped. Will I need to replace these along with the clutch plates? I'm putting a Vortex basket in while I have it apart, just to be safe. I'm not sure how long the piece was gone from the inner hub, but there are grooves in some of the fiber plates from the pieces I suppose. Anyone know what causes the center nut to loosen?

I've just replaced the inner hub on my '00 426. The nut wasn't loose, but the splined steel sleeve at he center of the inner hub had a lot of slop and it finally let go (no drive). I replaced it with a Hinson inner hub.


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