2004 YZ450F Swingarm Bushings or Shock ?

Have an 04 w/ about 60 hr.'s, all stock & no suspension mod.'s & picked up in

09 w/ < 30 hr.'s. Front down getting ready to replace front fork seals... yet

Have a bigger ? about "Rear Suspension" that's bugging me, so here goes.

Replaced Chain & Sprocks last mo., and like a dumb a**, forgot to check the

swingarm for play (per Manual) being the up/down, side/side diagram example

(forget page, in garage / somewhere ?).

Yet, when just walking bike around (oh.. you've never ran out of gas ?

and sooo pissed), if I "throw" / lung the bike foreward, I clearly feel "play" in the

suspension. Orig. thought it was the stem, yet when replaced tires last fall...

perfect in every way (well, except for fork seal now).

Yet, NO way it's the front... it's sound / smooth / snug as can be!

Getting more noticable last fall, so question is simply thoughts relative to

issue being "Swing Arm bushings & seals", or more the Rear shock ?

Seams best just to go pull rear and check....

yet thought to ask knowledge base for any advise !!

I'd just like to order everything needed for rear along w/ the front seals / oil,

yet something never tore into... so have been lurking around for tips.

Appreciate any ?'s.

Tear your suspension down and inspect every pivot point bearing for wear. If there tight, regrease them, if not replace them. I inspect my bearings atleast once a year, where I actually pull all the needles out and clean them, then reinstall with fresh grease. Makes bearings last 5 times longer.

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