426 eng?

can i install a 450 piston in my 426?

how big can i make the eng???


You can, but it is the same size, the 450 has a longer stroke i beleive.


You can bore and replate to 97 mm, Wiseco makes a piston that size for your bike. The 2 mm overbore results in 444 ccs. Total cost if you do the labor is probably about $400.

You can also have the crank stroked, but this will be a lot more expensive.

I have done the 444 mod, and it works GREAT! Send the cylinder to Millennium Technologies , they handle getting you the piston, do the over bore, and replating....They do nice work, and are very fast. I think they were in Wisconsin? www.mt-llc.com Price was good, service was GREAT!

You can go with stock compression or 13.5 to 1 :)

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