all united kingdom supermoto and motocross owners!

New Facebook page started up! I'm looking to get forums, shops and the United Kingdom public that own supermotos to get involved more, To start clubs and rides amongst one another and expand the attraction in the air! even motocross.[/font]

Don't get me wrong.. People all around the world can join the group, the more the better, but it is to get the uk in the scene like all the other country's have.

'LIKE' the facebook page and get it known!

Today could be 10 but that 10 can only multiply to 50 to 100 if you 'LIKE' the page and get in public.

What it is, the supermoto scene in the uk is not very big.. well compared to many other country's, and on Facebook there are supermoto pages but made in other country's and no English one. the purpose is to have a page dedicated to the British people that own supermotos and to get them all talking and involved in rides, get clubs made for events like BMF (British motorcyclist federation) to have our own stand like 'bandit' or 'Suzuki' or 'choppers' etc..

this does still involve motocross bikes and trials bikes also and just because it is stated 'supermoto uk' that does not mean only the united kingdom can join it is just to state the main cause for the group.

Thank you all in advance

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