Oil Question

Recently the head on my YZ400F blew up and when I repaired it and changed the oil I found a large amount of shavings in the oil. I thought I got it all out but after this recent change there is a few flakes, not much. Is this common for the bike to have some flakes in the oil?

Yes :banghead:

I thought I got (all the metal) out but after this recent change there is a few flakes..

Metal debris is normal to an extent, yes. Most of it would come from the clutch and transmission.

I'm curious whether you disassembled the whole engine, or did you just "wash it out"? Did you clean the oil tank in the frame?

drained it and then used cheap oil for a few minutes then re drained and did it a few tiems. after about 6 hours you can see very very fine metal flakes and some black shit but from what I've read that is all normal

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