1999 WR400 Needs New Tank, Help?

hello everyone, i have a 1999 WR400 as you could probably guess:p anyway I have been having quite a bit of trouble with my fuel tank lately. its just getting old and dried out and is cracking all over the place. it started with 1 crack and now its up to 5. I've tried jb welding it but that didn't work so I've melted it together for the time being but its not a good fix. i need a new tank,

but i personally don't want to go Yamaha because there tanks suck and are much more expensive. but i don't really know what other aftermarket tanks i could go with. i think there's acerbis, ims, and clarke but most of the ones i have seen say i need a yzf seat and shrouds and i dont want to go replacing all that crap if i don't have to. also i don't want to get a hugeee tank, something not much bigger than stock would be fine by me. so please, recommend a tank for me and give me a link to the tank. riding season has already started and i don't want to miss out more than i already have:( thanks, -Wes.

You've pretty much nailed your options. The big 3 aftermarket tanks are what you listed. I can't think of any other companies that make gas tanks. Check E-bay too I guess. Even if the part isn't listed online, I would call in person as they may have it available, just not shown online.

Look on ebay, you might find some that will fit your bike. And unless money is seriously tight, I'd recommend going with the YZ seat set-up too.


alright well at the moment i'm looking at this tank - http://www.clarkemfg.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_3&products_id=229 its a yz tank but its pretty much what i'm looking for. and also my buddy has a seat off of an 2000 YZ250 2-stroke and i was wondering if that would work cause he said i could have it if it does. and as far as the shrouds go, aren't the yzf and wr shrouds the same? thanks, -Wes

If its the same as a 426 tank I have a stock one in good shape that I'd part with for a lot cheaper than the alternatives. If you're interested shoot me a pm :banghead:

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