Shot motor?

Went to Chang my oil and everything was fine till I got the filter (did this last) and there was ALOT. Of metal in the filter. There were little chunks. Heres a video of it

I wouldn't get to worked up just yet. My wr426 always had shaving in the filter especially if it ran a little long on an oil change.It says you just got it makes me wonder how long its been since last oil change.

The other thing to remember is the clutch and trans runs in the same oil so I think ou will see a little more shavings.

Ohhhh lol well that's good news. I just got the bike and haven't even rode it yet been buying parts. I bought castrol 4stroke oil to put in it. But wanted to make sure the shavings weren't from something major.. All I know is the guy who had it b4. Me rode it hard and put it away wet. He drove it into the ground. Missing many parts and prolly never did maintance to it

I disagree

Those metal particles on the filter are way too big to be normal, esp the big cluster at the one end of the filter

what's done is done, but my guess is that it will start making funny noises pretty soon


when I got my 426, there was mounted a short clutchlever with very long travel, and that did make the clutchplates touch the inside of the clutchcover, I could se shavings inside the clutchcover, have you checked if the metal in your filter is aluminium or steel. ( with magnet)

I bourght a clutchlever with hotstart for a honda crf450, and used the hotstart lever for decomp, it work fine and it leaves fine space for my roadlegal switchgear assembly.

Regards Carsten

Well I'm thinking my clutch is shot because of how far out I had to adjust it.. Its all the way out on the bottom mount and on perch. So maybe the guy b4 me did some wear and tear on the trans? When I get home to day I'll take a magnet to it

So I guess this is good news. None of the material will stick to a magnet. So maybe clutch issue?

Its just a sign of your oil pump is working as it should, put it back together and go race :banghead:

I got around the same amount of shavings after a 2 hour race, and my clutch still looks new, dont worry :thumbsup:

Thank y'all for all the help. I went ahead and put a new filter in it (duh) lol and filled it with castrol 4stroke oil. I don't do a lot of fast riding, mostly tight trails.. If I take my clutch cover off does that mean I automatically have to go buy a new gasket? Or will it leek if I just slap it back on? Also what should I look for. (never messed with a clutch)

Well tight stuff often leads to a lot of clutch work, clutch work = bling bling in oil filter :banghead:

clutch cover: loosen it all the way around, take some wd40 and spray along the gasket, wait 3 min, give it again, wait 3 min... Pull the cover of gently and there is a good chance for using it again.

you wanna look for how beat the basket and center clutch is, and if your plates are worn out, look in the manuel :thumbsup:

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Dang it! Lol I allready put new oil in it. Can I drain it into a clean bucket and use it again? It's brand new oil

Dang it! Lol I allready put new oil in it. Can I drain it into a clean bucket and use it again? It's brand new oil

Might as well use it again as long as it stays clean with no dirt/ etc getting in

I guess when I get home I'll clean the bottom of the motor with break cleaner then blow it off. And drain the oil and check the clutch. :/

No no, dont drain the oil, just lay the bike down.. If very paranoid, start it first for 2 min so it pumps most of the oil to the oil tank. Note that the outer friction disk is stock a bit thigher then the others

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