2007 Stock tank repair?

I recently bought a replacement IMS tank for my 07 450. I thought I could make an entire 2hr harescramble on a tight wooded course with the stock tank. Nope..... 1hr 47min yes, 2 hr no.

When taking off the shrouds (for the first time since I bought the bike used a couple of months back) I noticed the bolts that hold the shrouds to the tank would just spin and not loosen. I took a flat blade screw driver between the shroud and the tank to apply pressure. I ended up popping both of the bolts out of the holes in the tank. The inserts were covered in what appeared to be MSR Quicksteel or something similar.

Is there any way to repair the inserts or should I just put the tank in the plastic recycle bin?

Can you post a picture? I think there is a nut that is insert molded in the tank by the sounds of it? And it has broken loose, and it is just spinning in the cavity that it was molded to in the tank?

If you can unscrew the threaded insert from the bolt (usually can once they're out of the tank, you can CAREFULLY use a Dremel tool or similar to cut 2 or 3 notches into the otherwise round shape of both the hole in the tank and the outside of the insert. Coat them with a two part epoxy and push them back in place. The grooves you cut will help the insert resist turning. I like to use a dry graphite of moly lube on the bolts, as they have a reputation for sticking in the inserts like that.

BTW, you may be interested in this little trick if you're installing an IMS:


I did not take pics, but yes the inserts pulled right out of the tank. I did grab the insert with a pair of pliers and I carefully took the insert off of the bolts. I threw the inserts in my toolbox and used the stock bolts to hook up the IMS. It looks like the previous owner of my bike already tried the epoxy trick. I could set the inserts back in and let them set up in fresh epoxy just in case I ever decide to re-install the stock tank. The fit of the IMS is such that I don't think I will ever need to go back to stock.

Gray, I didn't even take the bottom shroud bolts off. I just spread the shrouds and took the stock tank off and slid the IMS on. Great tip though with the acorn nuts. I'll pick up the hardware needed so when I decide to take off the shrouds I will be able to use that manner of installation.

I'm just glad I don't need to pitch my stock tank.

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