I am back

I hung up my boots 4 years ago keep on getting the ich to ride for almost the whole time I ran across a good deal so here I am once again

I now have a 2000 YZ426F.

It's not new but it will scratch my ich I am 50 Years old now just love to ride.

Welcome back. Enjoy and be safe

Updates I rode the bike 40 feet put in the Garage and tore in to it.

Found the front forks were bent so I replaced them with triple trees to be on the safe side.

New O ring chain and sprokets.

Put a set of hot cams with Automatic Compression release in it still waiting for the new cam chain to show up adjusted the vavles. (I was happy to find out the 2000 YZ426 still have a the SS valves not the Ti's).

Air Filter.

R&D fuel screw.

Repaced all the plastic with white and new graphics I wanted the yellow old school look but could not find what I wanted.

Also New 3,4 IMS Natural tank.

New front tire.

1 New spoke and nipple.

Rim Strap & rim lock.


Oil and filter And after I run the motor for 30 minutes I will change the oil and filter again.

It should be a great play bike when I get back on the drit.

Marv02,Glad your back.I too just turned 50 and purchased a bike cause I had to scratch that same itch.To me it's like having a 2nd childhood somewhat.Seem's like yesterday that I took my last checkered flag,but it was actually 1983 I think.Yamaha's were yellow,everything I remember was two stroke and the starting gate's were full of rider's.As Edith Bunker say's-THOSE WERE THE DAY'S and yep they were.But these are the day's now so let's (strap em boot's on) and get busy.My new motto is-JUST SAY NO TO RECLINER'S,well most of the time anyway.All the best to ya.

(I was happy to find out the 2000 YZ426 still have a the SS valves not the Ti's).

The service life of OEM Yamaha titanium valves is excellent. The only downside is the expense of replacing them when the finally do wear out. That isn't an issue with the 426, however, because even if you had an '01-'02 with Ti valves, you have the option of using the less expensive stainless valves from the '00 model as a replacement. The only thing you have to be sure of is that you use the heavier '00 valve springs with them to compensate for their greater weight.

I just ordered a new FMF power bomb head pipe the stock one has a good size dent in it I know how to get the dent out but I not telling my wife this LOL.

I also went looking around for a cam chain today LOL good luck finding one everyone told me they had to order it.

I told them I have one on mail order but it has not shown up yet bummer dont look like I going to be riding it this weekend.

It 's up and running again I installed a set of Hot cams and cam chain as long as going at it I can say it was worth the money the bike starts so easy now.

But after a 40 minute ride it a nice bike but not what I use to I think it down on the power side but we can fix that then again it just a play bike anyways LOL.

I also installed new Renthal O-RIng chain and new steel Sprockets.

I never buy anouther Renthal chain it has streacthed after 1 easy ride on it one normaly use DID X-Ring they dont streaching after one ride they last a very long time.

I most likey keep a eye on the chain if still keeps on streaching after a couple more rides I will toss it and buy a DID Chain.

I didn't buy the bike to race it.

I sure hope the 450 has more behind it that the 426.

The old CR500 was quicker and lighter, the KTM 560 had so much more top end power and heavyer what I am compairing to the 426.

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