Looking for Room to rent/cheap lodging around Fairfax Country in the fall


Guys, I have a friend of mine in Sweden that's asked me for a favor.

One of the girls she works with is coming to the US on vacation (with her boyfriend) around Aug-Sept and they are

looking for somewhere cheap to stay.

They don't have anything specific in mind but have apparently been in the area before but they thought, since I live

here, maybe I can find them something cheaper as they are going to be here for 2-3 weeks.

Something modest will do, I'm sure and I even asked if it could be a room in someone's house and she said yes.

I don't know them at all but the chick that asked me is a good friend of mine and I'm pretty sure she isn't sending

me any axe murderers although I can't make any guarantees :banghead:

Generally speaking though, the Swedes are pretty calm and level headed.

Considering they won't have transportation, something that's situated so that they can get around

would probably be preferrable.

IF anyone or more than one person chimes in, I might ask a few quick questions and then I'll pass

them on to you. Swedes speak English so this shouldn't be a problem.

They also said they might want to go to California so I'll post this there too. I'm just saying in case someone

thinks this is weird.



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