Hard Starting 2012 WR

Picked up my new 2012 WR 450 this week. Ironically when I got to the dealer it fired up as soon as the sales guy hit the starter, then after that I signed my documents and the has not started on the starter since. At the shop we tried 0, +1 and +2 on the lowest RPM setting on the race ECM. Nothing helps. BTW the bike has the FMF exhaust also.

Any suggestions?

What kind of emissions garbage do they have on them?

A buddy just bought a Husky TE449 and it would hardly run they had it leaned out so much to pass all the emissions BS. But if they are playing with the fuel mapping then who knows.

You need to have the ECU mapped to the suggested FMF map. It is somewhere after page 10 on the 2012 WR 450 thread if you do not have the paper.

After that, check for fuel / air / spark / compression or take it to the dealer.

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I assume you are using the "cold start" lever on throttle body?

Mine use to start like crap, and as soon as I added the FMF pipe and comp ECU with FMF map she started firing on about the third short press of the start button. Do not hold the start button for longer than a few seconds per burst.

I have noticed that as I put more hours on the bike it gets easier and easier to start with the magic button.

Thanks for the info. My dealer had those values that you posted. We tried the baseline for the FMF. Didn't help. Tried setting the 1/8th throttle 4000 RPM Fuel value to 0. That didn't help either.

The shop mechanic suggested that it just needs to be ridden more to break it in to improve starting. BTW it starts right away with even a gentle kick. Tomorrow I get my first chance to ride it.

Mapping doesnt affect idle

Throttle wide open spin engine with button for a few seconds. Then kick with throttle closed, I will figure this thing out

Finally got to ride the bike today. After 20 miles it now starts on the first push. Couldn't be happier!

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