Which xr650 to buy? 2002 or newer?

Can find a few 2002's in good shape for around 3-3.7K or a new for about 5K...Besides $, are there any design differences to watch out for? thanks :)

nope. as far as i know the bike has remained unchanged since it's introduction.

you should be able to find very clean 2002s because guys buy em and realize they are too much bike.

The bikes are the same. I picked up an 01 last year new for $4495. :) As far as the bike goes I would get what ever is a good deal, used/new. Look at the extras and the condiction and deside what works for your money.

Hi "Bultaco"

I own a 2002 Honda XR650R, the bike is still brand new! (only 37 miles), still under an extended Honda full warranty and the asking price is $3700. More information in the classifieds section or email me at GS79@hotmail.com


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