1998 YZ400F Electrical

Hey guys, I have been doing some research, and it seems as though nobody's done this for the last few years. All of the information I could try to track down is long expired, as some of the links were posted back in '05.

My question involves installing a WR400F stator in a YZ400F engine. There were once instructions on www.electrexusa.com for this, but this site is not working anymore. I really just want to know what part I need, and how I can use that stator to make my bike run a hi/lo headlamp, tailamp, and turn signals. Or, if anyone has that lost info from electrex, that would rock!

Thanks for the help!

AC or DC? If you want to run AC, you need the stator, flywheel, and voltage regulator from a WR (I would also replace the woodruff key and flywheel nut just to be safe). I would use 426 parts, as the 426 puts out more electrical power. If you are going to run DC, you will need a regulator/rectifier instead of th WR regulator (Trail Tech and Baja Designs are good sources), and a battery or big capacitor to filter the power. If you need turn signals, you will have to go the DC route. You can find a wiring scematic on the baja designs web site, that should help you figure out everything you need for parts and how to hook them all together. If you are going to run DC, you are going to also need to "float the coil". Again, there are instructions on the Baja Designs web site. They are for the 450, so the picture's different, but you shuld get the idea...

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