Starter clutch problems

I just had to take the left side engine case cover off to do a stator mod for my baja designs kit

When I put the starter clutch back in the first time, it was bound up.

I tightened the bolt inside underneath the clutch and it made it too loose? Now it just makes a loud crunchy grinding noise.

I guess the bolt on the inside makes a difference to how tight the clutch sits in there?

Also the start clutch case cover is pretty tough to get on... Am I doing something wrong here? I don't want to ride my bike until it's back to normal. :banghead:

sorry I mistook the starter clutch for the torque limiter

the torque limiter doesn't seem to be sitting in there right

Something's not in there right as I had mine off a month or so ago and back on with no issue, that bolt under the gear is a cover bolt only. Look at the microfiche and make sure you are not missing a washer shim, think there is one on both sides of the gear or that the gear is in wrong.

Online fiche is your friend, should show you what goes where.


Take a look at mauricedorris thread. He just had the same problem. Easy fix, in his case at least!!!


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