Mr Toyz

Please post the details regarding your spark arrestor screen in the stock muffler. I'm curious as to the screen type and its location in the muffler. I tried it but wasn't sure if it would pass "the test" by an unforgiving ranger. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunatly here in CA. it has to say U.S.F.S approved or they consider it not to have a spark arrestor, at least that is what the ranger up at Gorman told me.If you look on your exhaust (Stock exhaust)on the wheel side it does not say it is approved. I Guess that is what they call a grey area. I loved my stock pipe and did not want to change it, but I ride Track, Desert and up in the mountains. I stopped on the way to gorman when I went, and bought the White Brothers "E" series silencer I showed it to the ranger along with the green sticker from my kids TTR90 and he let me in.I told him I would install it once I parked. (I never did). After the ride I had thought to myself I do not want to be the cause of the next major california fire so I stuck the pipe on. The next time I rode I went to the track and could not believe how much low end the bike had. I was wheelying out of every corner, it also makes a big difference on my trail rides. I guess what I am trying to say is ditch that stocker and get an after market, almost all if not all of them have a spark arrestor in them or removeable. You need to figure out where you do your riding, (Low, Mid or Top end)and then get the pipe accordingly. The people on this site can help a great deal also. The money you spend will be worth it. I am no expert on pipes or performance but I am learning more and more everyday thanks to this website.

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