Front rotors

Can anybody tell me the range of thicknesses that are acceptable for the front rotor on a 2003 wr 450f. I just picked up a new one and when I went to change the old one out, I noticed how much thinner it is than my new rotor. It looks as though the new may not fit between the pads.

You have to release the pressure and push it back in so there is room for the larger pad.

Correct, however it's not so much "relieving the pressure" (as brakes are not a pressurized system under no braking load) as just pushing the the pistons back into the caliper, installing the new rotor, then pressing the brake lever until they come back out to the proper location.

The only "release" you may have to do is if your reservoir is filled with fluid to the point you can't push the piston back in all tge way but that's easy enough to know and deal with as you are doing this. Also after everything is installed it's a good time to bleed your brakes and replace the fluid with fresh.


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Your manual has an acceptable thickness range listed for the rotor. Maniac

Thanks for the help... appreciate it.

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