2010 yz450 idle adjust screw

my idle adjust cold start thing does not seem to work, i pull it out and it should idle up a bit, but the idle doesn't change at all, i also adjust it all the way in, and back out and still the rpms don't change at all, my buddy has a 2011 kx450 and his seems to change he rpms a lot with just the slightest adjustment. and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it have to be pulled out to adjust it? either way it doesn't make a difference with my bike. any help is appreciated.

nothin huh...

... doesn't it have to be pulled out to adjust it?

No, idle speed adjustment should be made with the knob in.

Yep, what he said.

yeah, the thing is there is no change in rpm's when its in, out, or when i twist it, in or out, the rpms don't change at all and it idles kinda low, i want to turn it up a bit.

Mine is about 1800 rpms and it feels like there's almost detents when turning it. If I move it about 1/4 turn and I immediately hear the rpms raising or lowering.

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