My new 2012 YZ450 gets a Yoshimura RS4 full stainless steel system

I think Yoshimura make the best quality exhaust systems on the market. Realy happy with it, the only fault with it is that the muffler pushed out the number plate by about 5mm at the seat bolt as you can see in the last pic,was easy to install and sounds orsm ! Took heaps of pics, hope some of you guys like it as much as i do.IMG_1132.jpgIMG_1133.jpgIMG_1136.jpgIMG_1137.jpgIMG_1138.jpgIMG_1140.jpgIMG_1142.jpgIMG_1144.jpgIMG_1148.jpgIMG_1145.jpg

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Looks good. Does the slip on make it stick out a lil as well? would you happen to know

Naa sorry mate i wouldnt know if the slip-on makes the number plate stick out as well.

it does

Great pipe, I have the same on mine, It really opens up the top end revs which the stocker choked off it sounds great as well.

I'm looking at getting this exhaust what are your thoughts now that you've had it for a while?

I have a 2012 YZ450 and have the RS4 slip on. I have been very happy with the fit, finish and the results. With the stock tune and the slip on installed the bike reved out further than with the stock muffler. For me, it was a worth while addition.

Besides hp what is the advantage of purchasing the full system in this case

Weight. The stock system weighs alot compared to the yoshimira. I'm curious about that "shortcut" in the pipe though. I'd like to hear more. Also, do you have a picture that shows how far past the number plate the muffler sticks?

It looks about the same length. I think I'll take the time to learn how handle my beast for a bit before waking it up! I like that roll around stand though!

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