I saw the new 04 WR459 today...

Today I went by my local dealer to get a new tire and a chain slider for my bike and I saw an 04 WR450 for the first time. The bike looks pretty much like the 03's except for a new kickstand (Aluminum) and the gold forks. The one thing that stuck out from my 03 was the cover for the starter gear.... It looks like Yamaha has re-designed the starting hardware... :) Also the Hot-start perch/clutch perch is now silver instead of black..

I thought I would find TI pegs on the new bikes but not so... The ones I saw were black (I'm pretty sure that they were steel). The new graphics were cool too.

What about "BNG" (bold new graphics)?

So Dan is one in your future or you staying on what ya have for now??

Wow from your title you should get a few looks, a WR459 :) I think I am going to wait another year though :D

Does this mean the 04, WR 450's are slowly heading east.


It seems like my 03 got down here about 10 days after one appeared near the west coast. It doesn't take long, unless your waiting on one...

You're right, it's taking forever.

mine shoudl be here in 5 days :)

Got mine on Monday. The starter design has changed. They replaced the 1st idler gear with a "torque limiter". Looks like it is designed to slip in the event of a kickback. The engine cover is a little different to accomodate the extra width of the limiter. It may be retrofittable if you replace the engine cover as well. Anyway looks promising. Hope it works...

Crap!!! I must of had too many brews... :D I meant "450" :)

So Dan is one in your future or you staying on what ya have for now??

E-dog, I'm gonna wait till 05 the get a new one.. I'll bet Yamaha worked out all the little bugs and this 04 will be awesome, probably the best year ever... You can bet your bottom dollar the flywheel and clutch will be perfect... I really want to see the CRF450X.. That will be interesting......

Where ya been?? Haven't seen you around here??

Big Mike, I've been around.... Lately I've been riding a lot of MX. Usually I'll hit Piru on Wednesdays, last week I rode Elsinore track (Wow, those jumps are mountains) and just yesterday I rode Gorman... That track rules!!! I think I'm gonna try to hit Gorman on Thursdays, the track was almost empty with the exception of firemen with their gold plated CRF's :):D :D I have about 75% of the doubles worked out.. Not to shabby for a desert rider with a WR..... :D


Let me know when you go!!! No can do weekdays, but the weekends i'm open for! Soccer season is almost over so my saturdays will be open!! By the way Did i mention to you that i broke my rt ankle tib and fib racing at Piru in April??Another rod!!! :) I'm heading out to Cal-city for a poker run!! Sold the WR and picked up an 03 YZ450!! Going to have to gear it for Adelanto!! Way slower then my WR! TOP end THAT IS!

Mike, My buddies son crashed and got air-lifted from an accident at Piru last weekend... Man, a lot of guys are getting hurt there.... Personaly, I think Piru is pretty tame compared to Gorman and especially Elsinore, but nevertheless guys are getting hurt at Piru :D.

Lately I've had a bug to get a street bike. The two bikes I'm interested in are the VTR1000 (Yes, a Superhawk) or a VFR800 (Intersceptor). Are you tired of your Superhawk yet?

Nice YZ!!!! Them black Excels are sure purdy.. :)

Hey Dan I got a Yamaha FZ1 this year I'm really happy with, just thought I would throw that in to your mix.

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