No Response From Intercotire--Tera-Flex

My work schedule does not permit me to call them during business hours, so I have left 4 phone messages on their answering machine and faxed them a price request twice on their "Tera-Flex" MX, cross country tire, size 140-80-18, Tread 2. Any TT'ers know the cost of this rear tire? I can't obtain any information directly from the company. Thanks.

Used to be able to get them from Dick Cepak Tires!!

I had the same problem with them. I found the tire on ebay brand new and BUY NOW for $80 (I think. I could not get ahold of anyone, so I said the hell with them!

Their customer service is the worst! Boo, who runs the warehouse, does not give a rip, unless you are ordering 10 tires or more!

hey, I have a buddy who might sell you one, and shipping from Wenatchee would be cheaper than from Louisiana.

Give "lowedog" a private message asking for the Tera flex.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for the info. I have received more information in a short period of time on TT than all of the wasted time trying to contact Intercotire. Thanks again, I'll contact him.

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