Tail light for XR650L


the tail light of my XR650L is ugly !

I am searching something like this:


but I do not know the part number ....

SUggestions are superwelcome !



Thanks !

What happens if I am pulled over without a DOT tailight ?

Do they check ?



I put the direct replacement from Four Stokes only. It is a direct plug in, very easy and looks so much better.


You have the same amount of chance of getting a "fix-it" ticket as you would if the cop noticed you're running non-DOT tires. They have to find it. As long as it is visible within reason and your brake light works, I wouldn't even give it a second thought. Now safety wise, that's a different matter.

When I had my XL 500R's & 600R's I used to strip them of all lights (except headlight) when doing serious off road riding. It felt a lot better (lighter). But for combination on and off road riding I'm staying with my "TV set" until I break it because I know other drivers can see it well.

The one I have is a DOT legal taillight it has the clear part for lighting the license plate. Go to the website (fourstrokesonly.com) and check it out. I think I paid $25 or $30 for it. It is very clean looking.

I was more worried about braking mine off, it stuck up so much I was waiting for a tree to snag it. Plus it is heavy.

Good luck


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