What now?

So finally got my bike all put together and took it out to some trails. Has a very hard time starting at.east 8 kicks but when it's running does perfect no popping but will not idle I've played with the idle screw and mixture scre but nothing.. Running low octane fuel. Not 93 and haven't messed with the needle has full white brothers exhauset and open air box. Would running 93 fix my problem? Or set the needle

Thank you


Hard starting can be attibuted to tight valves, too small/plugged starter jet, plugged pilot jet or possibly incorrect float height.

not being able to idle would point towards a plugged pilot jet/fuel screw adjustment.

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Actually I fixed it :banghead: it was way lean very top notch. So cleaned the carb even though it wasn't dirty... Better do it while it's off. Then put the needle setting in the middle put the carb back on turned mixture screw out 2.5 turns and it's all good now. One kick and no smoke or studded

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