650R front and rear sag

I recently purchased a used, and very well set-up 650R. After going to Race-Tech's site, It seems that I have the wrong spring rates on the bike. They have been changed since stock, but I am heavier still than the last rider.

Stock is F= .43kg and R= 9.2kg

Current is F= .47kg and R= 10.5kg

I can get the race sag near 100mm without losing all the static sag, but then the front seems like it dives too much, even though it is not exactly plush. And it has a lot of front sag (3"). The bike seems more balanced when the race sag is set too big (5.5 inches). What do I do? I'm getting confused. I weigh 280lb, but have over 30 years riding, so I am not a slug on the trails. I'm thinking that going to a slightly stiffer front spring, with lighter oil might be the trick. Oh yeah: the dampers front and rear have been re-valved by Barnum's.

Edlebrock,Barnums,Eiebach,Clark,FMF Q,Works Connection, Wave rotors,Clarks,pegs,etc.

Hi Palspkr,

The bike was setup for someone else. You should call Rob Barnum tell him to look up in his records how he set-up the forks/shocks and tell him your info(weight, riding style, etc). Rob should be able to tell you what you need to do to change the setup to your needs. Otherwise, your just playing in the dark. Or just send them to Rob or a local shop and get them customized.

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