02 650R getting dual registration questions

I have an 02 xr650r that I jsut picked up and ordered the baja designs dual sport kit for it. The questions I have are:

What are the best tires for the dirt that are still DOT approved?

Do I have to take the bike to the DMV for a once over or do I go to a local police station?

Can I have a pipe and the uncorking kit on it and still be legal for street?

Do I need mirrors?


This will be registered in California. I have never done this before and dont know where to start and I do not want to wait in line for 2 hours at the DMV to be told to come back with somethign different...


Hi Kritter, I just picked up a 650R with a baja designs kit already on it. After January 1st you wont be able to dual sport your bike in California. I know the kit comes with everything, and I'm pretty sure that you only need to take it to the DMV. My kit had a speedo and mirror, but i took the mirror off. I was told by the local bike shop that the mirror was optional. The worst part of the dual sport thing is keeping yourself from doing weelies down the street and getting caught. Good Luck!!


I just got my '01 dual registered yesterday(in CA). I ordered the quick release kit from baja designs, installed it a couple weeks ago, got the lighting inspection done by my local dealer and then called the DMV for an appointment. Went yesterday at 9am took about an hour and walked out of the DMV with a plate in my hand. They did not inspect my bike, they did not ask any questions about my bike, NOTHING!!! I still need to get the DOT tires for it. You must have a mirror on it, states it in the handouts that baja designs sends you with the kit. My dealer asked if I wanted to see out of it or just be legal, I said legal. Im still not sure about the speedometer, some say yes and some say no, I have one from baja designs. Just a little advice when going to the DMV, be patient and take that handout that baja designs gave you with the form CHP 888 attached to it. You will also need the statement of facts also, I took three and they only took 2 from me. DMV Form 256 is also needed to be filled out, the DMV lady actually filled it out for me. People say it takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes in the DMV(with an appointment), depends on if the Employee has gone through the process before.

Here's what I learned doing my '02 earlier this summer.

Mirrors - must have at least one.

Speedo - not required

I went down to my local DMV with a smile on my face and asked to speak to a supervisor or someone familiar with the process. A nice lady gave me copies of the DMV regs and checklists/forms that apply. Basically all you need is for a dealer to sign-off that the new lights and stuff work as they are supposed to. My bike does not have DOT tires. No one has taken a second glance at them. I went down to Toys-R-Us and found a trick mirror (all black) for $5. Fills that legal requirement and doesn't look stupid like some of the ones I've seen.

I drilled out my insert and installed a downsnout tip using the design found on the yahoo 650R usegroup files section. It looks good and keeps things quiet enough.

Good luck! Hope all goes smoothly with your DMV.


I just took mine down to Honda and they signed mine off and I went down to the DMV. One thing I did is get a rear fender brace to keep the tail light from being sucked up by the tire. Here is my kit.



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