Does anyone else have a bad feeling?

I am not getting any warm fuzzies from today, I have have a feeling that we'll remember today for a long, long time. I feel sick to my stomach!

Hey Roostie,

I agree this is a sad day in America, our prayers need to go out for all the victims and families....

I was awaken by my dogs early this morning they were barking for no apparent reason? I was up for a couple of hours and something did not seem right. I finally got back to sleep to awake to the news. I called some of my other buddies and they couldn't sleep last night.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.

I hoped I would never live to see the day. I fear many more terrible things to follow.

Originally posted by Chiledog!:

I was awaken by my dogs early this morning they were barking for no apparent reason? I was up for a couple of hours and something did not seem right. I finally got back to sleep to awake to the news. I called some of my other buddies and they couldn't sleep last night.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.


I too had a bad feeling this morning before this all happened. I woke up around 4:30am (PST) and felt that something was not right. Almost the presence of something evil. It is freaking me out now! God be with the families and friends of the victims. I'm going home from work now to be with my family. Everyone take care.


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The freaken Ragheads are celebrating right now!!!!

We should go DUMP the big one on them RIGHT NOW!!!!!!


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Live to Moto


It's an indescribable horror! It feels like the soul of this country has been ripped apart. I'm so numb.

That is too weird, I also woke up at 5:30 MST (same as everybody else), and I NEVER do that.

Heads are going to roll, guys. GW’s approval rating will hit 85%, the gloves will come off, and lots of people will die, unfortunately I’m sure not all of them will be guilty.

Things will never be the same…

I read that 9/11 is the date of the original Camp David accord where we agreed to aid Israel…

What I am willing to bet, is that somewhere, somebody that works for US Intelligence has a real good idea who is behind this. You just don’t pull off something of this magnitude without tipping off SOMEBODY. If we can find who drove a truck bomb in the WTC ten years ago (or whatever) we can damn sure find out who coordinated eight (ten? twelve?) simultaneous commercial flight hijackings. I mean, you don’t do something like this without leaving some evidence behind.

Another bet I’ll make is that there is only one, or maybe two, organizations in the world capable of this kind of organized attack, hell lets just take ‘em both out, let Mohammed (or whoever) sort ‘em out.

A final bet, and this is what scares me, is there is NO WAY that one, a few, or several governments did not aid, abet, knowingly harbor and otherwise facilitate this attack, and there is NO WAY we will let them off the hook for this. I just hope we can scorch them all before a few errant nukes leak out and do some more damage to us or before some type of coalition forms against us (you know, that whole WWIII thing is what I’m talking about).

Americans and all her allies should pray for them.

Oh, and there’s a few other groups that need to say their prayers as well.

Dollar down, oil futures way up. ALREADY.

I’m just pissed as all hell. I mean, what did they POSSIBLY think they were going to accomplish by this? Maybe they are the type that believes that martyrdom DOES assure eternal paradise. Well, okay then, lets oblige them, shall we????


I'm from Canada, but I'm behind you guys 100%. This whole situation can be seen as an act of war against the 'states, but it is so much more than that, it's an act of war against humanity. If it was just war they were after they would have attacked military installations. An event like this has never happened before. This was a very cowardly and un-noble(sp?) act.

I am against innocent people dying in the process of war, but I feel that it will be unavoidable. With all that I have I hope that this will not lead to WW3, but I have a bad feeling.

I think that the world will be a different place forever - I know that mine will be.

BTW - I used to work in Egypt and Libya, I sure am glad that I don't anymore!

It is a tragic day indeed. Unfortunately, life as we know will be different from here on out. At the very least these cowards have thrown the US / Global economies into a downward spiral. This I believe was the main intention. Gold and Crude have already sky rocketed. Once the markets open, it will be intersting to see how they react, I for one am pulling some $$ out to be safe.

From a military viewpoint, the US must go over to the middle east and start kicking some ass! Yes innocent lives will be lost, innocent lives have been lost already, My thoughts are with those that have been tragically affected with this.

For those Terrorist, prepare to meet ALAH or whomever you maker is!

The right to bear arms may become painfully clear in the future.....

Johnny W: I would put that money into defense contractor stocks. Cruise missles are expensive and will have to be replaced. You might be able to finance your 02 bike.

Its interesting to overhear people in liberal Boulder talking about "sand niggers." If it was islamic fundamentalists, I don't know what they will gain from this. Any sympathy the palistinians have here will evaporate, since they are now celebrating in the streets.

I have read that most experts say the Saudi Osama bin Laden is the only person that has an organization capable of doing this (but what about Saddam?) Bin Laden has said that he does not distinguish between US civilians and military-all are considered part of the great Satan. But the CIA would have killed him first chance they got, whether he did it or not.

I must admit I thought muslims were responsible for OK when it first happened. And it ended up being one of our own. I don't think that will be the case here. Even Mcveigh did not do the kamikaze act. That is not the way westerners do it. You need the the promise of entry into heaven to make that kind of thing probable. Guess who that points to.

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I would have to say I was for Israel through this whole mess, but we should not get involved with their dispute, especially seeing that when Israel seemed to be trying for peaceful solutions and all they got was suicide bombs, plus the fact Palestinians did attack them first all those years ago and Israel just took their land for that. I would have too.

But now, we should be in full support of Israel. Not saying PALs were the cause of this act. But if they want to dance around in the street because some fanatic group, which they are as well, Let's take them out in the process. A terrorist group is a terrorist group, All need to be eradicated.


The national missel defense network goes up weather the world likes it or not, hopfully they too see the scale of new global threat from rouge groups and nations.

An aggressive, Isaralie like pro active anti terrorist movement that kicksass and takes names later.

The world becomes a smaller place and we in the US loose yet more freedom but more or less agree that its in our best interest.

US ehhmmm I mean UN, world tour 2001 kicks off in the middle east. Anyone with an AK 47 shold probably think about getting rid of it.

Guys - I hate to be the bearer of bad news - this is not the first bump GW is going to hit. He will see many in the wake of the previous sleeping administration.

Just like the current, and now worsening economy, GW is going to take the blame.

During the previous administration, an open door to this country policy was announced to all the world. What happened on 9.11 was at least 1-2 years in the making.

Weather Iraq was involved or not, just wait until Sadam introduces the world to his neuclear weaponry, which of course I imagine is being readied while everyone is focused on something else. Again, made possible due to the previous adminsitration decision to do nothing to remove Sadam from dictatorship.

It's up to GW - do we go forth and execute a repremand, or do we take it lying down.

My prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones, especially the young children who's parents did not come home.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


Well guys, I just got back in after walking thru my Battalion motor pool. I have 44 M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting vehicles and about 600 infantrymen who are ready to be the "Steel of American resolve" that GW spoke of last night. All he has to do is say "Sic em!"

I am convinced now that there is nothing we can do for the middle east. I am no longer the least bit understanding of the PLO. I hope Israel pushes them into the ocean.

As far as Afghanistan, I don't know how to spell it and I don't care. It should make for a nice missile testing ground.

I can not help but remember the stories my late father told of WWII and Pearl Harbor.

Gods Speed US Military Forces!!

I say just start bombing! Take them ALL out! Ask questions later.

I haven't heard this mentioned as of yet so here goes. These religious zealots seem to love symbolism so I wonder if there was symbolism when it came to selecting the airlines to be used for the bombing? There were four jets in all...two from "American" and two from "United". If you put those two together you have "United American"...or "American United". Coincidence? The news media simply made a comment about these two airlines being the largest of the country. As far as security breaches, Delta was the worst so it would have been easier to use them. As far as scheduling is concerned, they had their choice of several close proximity airports so why would it really matter which airline they selected? The bottom line is they could have chosen any number of airlines from any nearby airports that departed close to the same time, but they chose these two airlines. Why not one single airline from 4 nearby northeastern airports? I can't help but believe that this was just one more example of their hatred and need to insult us. It's equally possible that these two airlines may have been selected merely upon the economic impact and the symbolism may have been purely coincidental. Comments?

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What more can be said? Im still stunned. It just doesnt seem real.I know our thoughts here reflect the thoughts of most Americans.

I pray for all the people who lost loved ones and pray our nation will show our might and wipe these bastards off the earth.






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