Does anyone else have a bad feeling?

My cousin worked at the WTC and was luckly enough to get out and run 57 blocks before she found out that all of New York was not under attack. She may have been one of the people seen on TV fleeing the dust cloud. It seems that it has come to this: us or them! F#@% Politically correctness! As a father of two, I have to sadly say that I would feel better if the Middle East was exterminated. I would rather see them blown up than my own. How about a U.S. issued olive drab 426 with desert graphics, paddle tires and some guns mounted to it? That could make the task fun.

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I think that it's incredible that such a thing could happen.

How can any group or org. gain from acts that they do not have the balls enough to take credit for. How can this help anyones cause if they do not have the stomac to own up for what they have done.

There are many statements in what they did, the choice of airlines - American and United, the date they chose - 911, their targets etc..

I think it's time for everyone to put their flags out and for us as a Nation to show the world we are the biggest kid on the block and we will not stand for any of this S#$t. We will stand together and squash any person, group or nation that challenges our way of life, freedom and families.

I am 30 years old but my draft card is in, give me some camo, kevlar and ammo lets go!

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