07 jetting issue or gearing?

I take my bike on a week long ride every year, we camp at 8000 ft and ride OMG hard trails up to 11,000 ft. the bike stalls all the time and its hard to start (its always been kindof tempermental starting). I try the hot start, using the trottle no throttle the choke, everything. On some of the switchback climbs its not unusual to have to start it 15-20 times. I regeared the bike from stock 13/50 to 13/52. and it didnt help much, now I am thinking of going to 12/52 just for this ride. I'm jetted pretty close according to the JD jetting chart.

I know I could just ride it harder and slip the clutch but to be honest, i'm so dead at that altitude I'm riding more for survival rather than aggressive.

Any ideas or help

thanks spomey

Your positive your valve clearance are good, right? When were they checked last? This is nearly always the culprit behind a hard starting bike, as long as the jetting is close, as you mentioned. 12/52 sounds like it will work well for your OMG trails, but it's gonna suck on the slab!!!


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