How to remove impeller shaft?

Put brand new impeller in and gasket. Then noticed shaft has wobble room. And also still leeks

You'll have to pull the complete sidecover off to get to that shaft. Hopefully, you own a manual for that bike. It'll show you how to do it.


WHAT?!?!?!? The whole side of the case?? Uh oh. How hard is this to do? Will stuff fall out? Like gears?

Oh never mind I just looked the exploded view up. That ain't bad. Guess I'll start tomarrow. Looks like ima miss the trails Saturday :banghead:

Replace the bearing in there too

I think ima go ahead and do those three bearings/seals and the impeller shaft. Just go ahead and do it all while it's taken apart

when you tear the assembly apart, pay VERY close attention to how the seals orient themselves in relation to the bearing and shaft. There's lots of members who've messed that up many times, only to have to remove/replace everything again. If in doubt, search on here because there's pretty much 100's of threads on here from ppl asking how they go.

Thanks for the heads up. I'm pretty sure I would have done it wrong and have to do it over again. I'll take pictures so I remember.

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