aluminium shavings in my oil filter on 01 426.

i just bought a 01 426 a few months ago for $950 , its a great runner doesnt smoke idles great, just needs a few odds and ends like fork seals and rear shock rebuild. when i went to change the oil i found some metal shavings in the oil filter, there was a good amount on it, and it is magnetic so im guessing its aluminium, so now i have been diggin around and havent found anything, i pulled the valve cover off and looked to see if the timing chain was digging into the side of the head or what not, took the clutch out and looked around in there , still nothing. im guessing because its aluminium its not a crank bearing or something like that, i know its not normal but i wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem and see what was causeing it so i kinda know where to look. i really dont want to split the case unless i have to, so any ideas would be very helpful. thanks for your time.

sorry i forgot about the search, anwsered my question hahah.

Aluminum is NOT magnetic.

Aluminum is NOT magnetic.


Aluminum is NOT magnetic.

thats what i ment, typo .

Changes everything.

The most common, somewhat normal source of aluminum slivers in the oil is the clutch. The clutch and trans share the engine oil and make it a kind of a messy place. The primary case, where the clutch lives, is a good place to look for the source of a sudden excess of aluminum debris, too. Stuff that may drift around in the oil can find all kinds of trouble to get into by running afoul of the ten separate gears in that area. A piece of broken spring, a dropped screw, a clip that fell of something.... If you really have an unusual amount of aluminum junk in the oil, you might want to pop that side open. Be sure it's not just normal, though.

ok ya, thanks man, i was in there today and i didnt see anything so i dont know, im gunna put it back together and run it for a couple hours and change the oil again and look at the oil and see whats up. who knows when the oil was changed befor and that could just be normal.

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