power comparison? 400f vs 250f vs 450f

so i have a 1998 yz400f and i just got it idleing and running good. i took it for a road run and its insanly fast. much faster than my friends banshee. so im wondering whats the power comarison to the yz250 and 450f's? i ride a lot of tight- open trails and i really like the 4 speed tranny. i got over 65 i know that. and im in love with the outragous power. just wondering what others feel like.

Well to begin with, the YZ400 has a 5 speed. But regarding horsepower, the YZ 400 had about 45-46 in stock trim and weighed a good honest 260+. The YZ250 has evolved (not like the President) gradually to the point where the latest few model years produce roughly that same figure, but of course they weigh more like 230. The first YZ450 in '03 (which DID have a 4 speed) had just about an even 48 HP, the '06 (back to a 5 speed again) had an even 50, and the most realistic numbers I've seen on an a newer EFI version were about 52 plus a little. The 450s are about 10 pounds up on the 250.

How do they feel? Magnificent.

i tried to count the gears but i was flying threw them to fast. i want to get a 250f for the track. i loved it when i rode one. i do like the thinness of the newer models. how do you compare the yz250 2 smokers?

how do you compare the yz250 2 smokers?

To what?

get a 450 its just better

I have a 2001 yz426 that is a little bit hopped up and fresh (fresh top end, new Hot Cams intake and exhaust cams and cam chain, Top Gun full exhaust, JD jetting kit), and before I got my 2011 YZ450 I thought it was pretty fast. It runs well, but does feel heavy, and the suspension is not nearly as good.

My '11 450 feel so much more powerful, it's amazing. I don't know how much more power it actually makes (probably 3-5 hp, maybe), but the bottom end allows me to pull third out of most corners that I'd have to pull second in my 426, that I can maintain more speed and shift less. It feels a lot lighter, but the biggest difference is the suspension. It's so much better.

I don't ride my 426 much anymore except when trail or desert riding in green sticker season season, so I have not compared lap times. For someone of my skill level (vet track guy, mostly), the lap times would probably not be significantlly different. A faster rider would notice much more of a difference than I do.

The bike is much better, and I love it.

I've been riding bikes, quads, snowmobiles, etc for all my life. I've ridden toomey piped banshees running race gas with paddles in sand drags, and my last road bike was a Busa. I'm shocked how fast the throttle response is and how well the new 450's hook up.

I ride the woods and I've had a Yz426 (Basically a 400) Yz250 and WR250f and now Yz450. I'm 6'2" 215lbs. Here's my experience, the 426 was a handfull, felt heavy, lots of power but slower revving, granted it was several years ago when I owned it.

The Wr250f was basically a neutered Yz250f. It was really easy to ride and felt light as a feather in the woods due to the soft power and less gyroscopic forces from the motor. Once I hit anything with deeper sand I was really riding the clutch to keep it going and my buddies WR400 took off like I was standing still on straightaways. I don't ride tracks but I would guess the Yz250f would feel pretty tame compared to the bigger bikes on a track.

The Yz250 has great power, not as powerful in the deep sand as the 426 but quick throttle response and super fun to ride, more than enough power for anything in the woods, which is all I race. I honestly was going to buy a new YZ250 but decided to go with the 450 because I wanted all the latest and greatest technology. I would take any 250 2t over a 250f.

I just picked up a 2011 Yz450 and it hits like a freight train! Twist the throttle and it comes to life, NOW! It's been a few years since I owned my 426 but I'd say the 450 feels more powerful and much lighter. My buddy still has his Wr400 that's piped and a bunch of other goodies and my bike walks away from him until top end when his gearing catches me.

my experience (im only 16 so it short) i got a warrior first to learn, then a yz250 (dumb idea for a fist bike) then i got a rm125 that i rebuilt, and just broke in 2 days ago, and a few weeks ago i got my yz400f. the power to me is just stupid. i pull wheelies in 3rd on the road and that is eye opening to me. but i ride mostly tight trails and eventually wanted to race enduro/harescrambles. im getting rid of my rm for another quad, but want another yz250 to go with my 400f. because everyone i ride with has a 125, an 85, 400ex and one has a mildly built bashee. this thing SMOKES all of them. so im thinking of making te 400f into a mild trail bike, nd getting a yz250 and making a full blown woods bike. what do you guys think? i already got a fmf power core, air filter, skid plte, new grips, renthal bars, and bark busters, also a new rear tire. what else do you bolt on to your bike upnorthbacon? sound like u ride the same types of trails i do.

Currently on my bike I re-geared 13-50 for lower 1st gear through the woods. I'm trying engine ice to keep it running cool. I have cutdown bars for our enduro's, they are really tight here. I have full wrap handguards so I don't smoke my hands if I hit a tree. I switched to a Michelin XC-12 soft front tire and when the stock rear wears I'll run the same on the rear. I'm running a trail tech vector for timekeeping and being able to monitor my engine temp as well. Next on my list is a larger tank, full aluminum skid plate, brake snake, and eventually a revalve of the suspension. YZ250's are fantastic woods race bikes without changing much other than gearing, flywheel, and a suspension revalve. I'd go that route over the 400f if you're serious about winning. If you want to race to have fun your 400f will be fine and you can still be competitive. Fast guys are fast whether they are riding a 125 or a 450!

i really like the 2 strokes but i love the power of the 4 stroke when ever you want it. another route for me is the kdx220. but i would like to stick to yamaha because i love their products. and yz250;s are my favorite bikes. i would probobly have a fly wheel weight, and all the other stuff i havbe on my bike. iv been looking at the trailtech's. how do you like yours? also, whats a brake snake? i am also going to have to put a front tire on in the future. ill be looking at the soft terrains. i just got a kenda trak master rear and it looks pretty beefy. cant wait to get it on.

Iv owned a yz 400f for many years now. I have had many many bikes in the days and I prefer a 450 over any thing else my 400 is nice but its heavy i just wanna drive her staight..lol i love 250fs light weight quick response if in good running order.. 2 strokes are the past but they are nice to ride down dirt trail/track...lol any four stroke is great to ride.... alll you gotta do is tge math. Size .weight..exp..and how far you wanna go..then pick your bike ...

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