Ohlins Parts from a Cannondale s440x, for my 2000.

I am really interested in the forks, and possibly the shock.

I have a 2000 WR400F. I am not sure the forks will fit my bike, but spec's are as follows:


FRONT SUSPENSION 46mm Kayaba inverted Telescopic fork, 11.8" of travel; Adjustable rebound/compression damping

REAR SUSPENSION Fully adjustable Kayaba single shock, 12.4" of travel


Front Suspension Ohlins 46mm USD, external compression and rebound damping adjustment, 12 inch travel

Rear Suspension Ohlins linkless position-sensitive damping single-shock, external compression and rebound damping adjustment, 12.6 inch travel

I can get both for about $1000. Will they fit? Any simple mods that will make them fit? Any info would be great.

Thanks in advance!

- Everett

if this works for $1000.00 .i would be intersted!!!!

would you mind following up with what you find out??


Sure, I suppose. I guess I'll just buy it and find out. If it doesn't work I can always resell it to a person with a CRF.

- Everett

My suggestion would be to take that $1K and send your suspension off to someone and have them dial it in to your weight, riding style, terrain etc. just my .03

Check the over all lenght of the fork from the top of the tube to the axle hole center. If its a 46mm it should fit, but why?

Ther rear you will need to check the center to center of the shock mount holes and overall lenght. I still would not do that though. The travel and fell of the suspension is determined by not only the stroke of the shock, but the linkage and swingarm moments. You would need to graft a whole swing arm and lingake with the shock if you expected it to work like the dale.

For the $$$ I would do like holeshot said and have yours worked and dialed in, or for a bit more $$$ buy a dale.

Look in the back of a cycle news and you will find the # for the Ohlins distributer. I had a Cannondale and checked out keeping the forks for my Yamaha. You can do it but you have to send the forks to them and have yamaha lowers in stalled for it to work right. The front lowers are the same as a CR. It is a easier switch to a cr then a yamaha with cannodale ohlins. The shock will not work.


Take the $1000 and send you yamaha suspension to Enzo. I had a CDale and the best suspension I every rode was an old YZ with Enzo. 2nd was the Dale though (completely stock, not revavled)

The Shock won't work at all on anything. Its linkless and much longer that a KTM, I know I looked into it.

Seems like you'd just need new triple clamps for the forks. On the ohlins page I could only find one fork, but that doesn't mean much (how acurate are web pages anyways)


Yea, and just my luck those triples would be like $750 from Pro Circuit or something.

It's a cool sounding idea, but only if you can afford a project of this type. I am in college and deliver pizza... another one of my grand illusions of having some super tricked out bike. :)

Wish they'd just slip in place of my forks. I can get just the forks for $700.. then sell my forks for like $200? THen I'd be super bling bling!!!

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